Santa Cruz

Day 58

We are in Santa Cruz, California. This city is a haven for liberals and lefties like me. The first night we were here, we saw two guys walking down the street holding hands. The downtown area is great and the beach is beautiful. We spoke with some local folks about the queer community and the politics of Santa Cruz. We are working on setting up interviews with the Diversity Center, the university, and the owner of the local gay bar. Lots of good stuff to come.


3 Responses to Santa Cruz

  1. colleen colbert says:

    my chris mason its colleen colbert and michelle hanley we were thinking of you and she showed me what wonderful work you have been doing!! Were so proud of you and your conquests in life. We hope you a safe and happy trip and hope to see you soon. Im currently an antitfacebook and myspacer so Im not excessable on the net. Feel free to text me if you are bored and or need a place to crash when in Mass. Text anytime ( get my number from my bro or stop in at my moms). Be saft much love from both of us you always have a friends here in the little L-burg. Peace*Love*Happiness
    love always
    michelle hanley and
    colleen colbert

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  3. roof proper says:

    roof proper

    Santa Cruz | Driving Equality

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