Below are just a few short clips of the many interviews we conducted for the film. Videos from the journey are posted on the Driving Equality YouTube channel.




Below are a few videos that I recorded during the fight to protect same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and other LGBT related demonstrations. (more videos at

Speaking to a crowd of 10,000 people at Boston’s Join The Impact Protest in response to the passage of Prop 8 in California.

Speaking at a rally on Boston City Hall, calling on Obama and the new Congress to repeal DOMA, pass ENDA, repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and pass hate-crimes legislation.

Hundreds of Pro-Equality Supporters Erupt with Joy as the Vote is Announced and the Anti-gay Marriage Amendment is Defeated

RCFM Marching Across Boston Common Being Welcomed by Pro-Equality Demonstrators at the State House

Pro-Equality Demonstrators Outside the State House

Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry Interfaith Service before the Constitutional Convention

This is What Equality Looks Like

Singing on the Steps of the State House

Constitutional Conventions Begins – Time to Vote

Crowd Cheers as Senator Morrissey Votes No

Governor Deval Patrick Speaks After the Vote

Pro-Equality Supporters Sing Star-Spangled Banner After Winning the Vote

Governor Deval Patrick Speaks at the Rally Outside the State House

Rally Against Romney “equalilty”

Rally Against Romney “Hey Hey Hey”

Rally Against Romney “Mitt Must Go!”

Rally Against Romney “Goodbye!”

Rally Against Romney “Shame!”

Rally Against Romney “Booo”

Vigil to Protest Family Research Council’s anti-gay “Liberty Sunday” Conference

2006 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Defend Don’t Amend

2006 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Let it Shine

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Rep. Rushing “All Americans”

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Rep. Rushing

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Legislators

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Rep. Carl Sciortino

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Senator Barrios

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Cheering

2005 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention – Celebrating

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