Driving Equality was a 107-day, 22,000-mile, 48-state trek across America, through small towns and big cities, in an effort to meet, interview, and share the stories of LGBT Americans, their allies, and their opponents. The project culminated in a documentary film sharing these stories in an effort to raise awareness of the various forms of discrimination faced by the LGBT community and the tremendous progress being made toward equality. Through touching interviews, some heartbreaking, others inspiring, this project offers a glimpse into the heart of LGBT America.

During the 107-day trip, I met with LGBT community organizers, activists, allies, opponents, and any citizens willing to talk. Through these interviews I share an understanding of what it is like to be LGBT in vastly different parts of the country. Many of these interviews tell the stories of LGBT individuals, their personal struggles and incredible accomplishments. Other interviews depict how the LGBT community has employed different ways of combating discrimination across the nation. Throughout my journey, I made frequent posts on this website, including photos and video clips. Be sure to check the archives to catch all the exciting interviews!

The final product, a documentary film of my journey, Driving Equality Across America, is available to buy or rent on Amazon.com.

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