Route 1

Day 57

We drove up the California coast on Route 1 today. The scenery was incredible. We were driving on the cliffs and could see the ocean crashing on the rocks below. It was a long, windy drive from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz. That is not a drive I’d like to do everyday. I am exhausted. We found a campsite at a nearby State Park and set up our tents. Tomorrow we plan on interviewing folks at the local Diversity Center. Santa Cruz seems like an awesome town. I’m excited to explore a little more.


One Response to Route 1

  1. Jason says:

    I live in San Luis Obispo right now, but before I moved here, I visited a lot. On one of those visits, I decided to take Highway 1 home. It’s a scary, wonderful, beautiful ride, especially on a motorcycle. I’m glad you got to experience it.

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