Where’s Waldo?

Day 14

Today we spent some time in Waldo, Florida. We were invited to Waldo by Roland Wise, a native of the rural town (population 800). Roland is an activist and a gay business owner. His flamingly liberal cafe, 30124 Coffee House, is like a gem in the middle of the most conservative part of Florida, smack dab in between the two coasts. The coffee shop is decorated with road signs and artwork from local artists. The space is amazing.

We sat down with Roland for a frank discussion about being openly gay in a small, conservative town. His coffee shop has been “black listed” by the folks in town. Most of his business is from people passing through on routes 301 and 24 (hence the name). He told us about some of the great people who have stopped in for some coffee as they are driving through the state. Nobody would expect to find this atmosphere in the small town of Waldo, Florida. It is truly a big gay oasis in the middle of north central Florida. If you are driving through Florida, stop in and visit Roland at 30124 Coffee House. In case you’re wondering, “where’s Waldo?” Here it is.

This is a clip of our interview with Roland in his coffee shop. Below the video is a photo of the piece of artwork he made in honor of Driving Equality. It is our logo with an artsy twist. Thanks Roland!



3 Responses to Where’s Waldo?

  1. Tom Jr says:

    hq vid looks great. interesting interview!!

  2. Chris Mason says:

    Thanks. The youtube videos are all from my point and shoot camera, not the actual camera we are using for the documentary. So the angles and frames are a little off, but you get a little flavor of the interviews.

  3. Ellena Field says:

    Hi thaanks for sharing this

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