Southern Charm

Day 13

We left South Carolina this morning, headed toward Savannah, Georgia. In Savannah we met with Kevin Clark, inn owner and LGBTQ activist. Kevin owns a lovely bed & breakfast called Under the Rainbow. The inn is beautiful. He proudly flies the rainbow flag from the huge front deck. Savannah has a southern charm like I have never experienced before. Under the Rainbow draws from and magnifies the charm of the city. 

We had a great discussion with Kevin. We talked about the queer community and LGBTQ politics in the Peach State. He shared with us what it is like to be a gay business owner in the deep south. He also works with Georgia Equality in an effort to secure equal rights for LGBT Georgians. Kevin is a great guy and it was a pleasure to meet him. If you are coming to Savannah, you’ve got a friendly place to stay at Under the Rainbow

Below is a short clip from our interview with Kevin and a few pictures from the inn.






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