Acceptance Without Exception

Day 12

We had a great interview today in Charleston, South Carolina. We met with Warren Redman-Gress, the Executive Director of Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA). Warren has been fighting for acceptance for LGBT people in South Carolina for over ten years. AFFA is an incredible organization that works to educate the people of South Carolina and eliminate prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity. AFFA runs campaigns with TV spots, billboards, and newspaper ads aimed at educating the public about LGBT rights. The ads are incredible. 

Even before I knew of AFFA, I was affected by the organization. While driving through South Carolina yesterday, I saw a billboard that had two drinking fountains on it. One fountain was labeled “straight” and the other “gay.” The tag line read, “Gay Rights Are Civil Rights.” I was so surprised and excited to see the billboard, especially here in South Carolina, that I nearly drove off the highway. It wasn’t until today’s interview that I learned that it is AFFA that puts up the ads and has been doing so for ten years. They have had a number of creative campaigns over the years. Another billboard that is currently up exclaims: “Discrimination is so gay. Gay rights are civil rights. Acceptance without exception.” The ads are really clever and certainly get South Carolinians talking about LGBT equality. I am immensely impressed with Warren and the work that AFFA is doing. I encourage everyone to support the Alliance For Full Acceptance in any way possible. 

Tomorrow we are headed to Savannah, Georgia to meet with Kevin, an LGBT activist who is also the owner of a Bed & Breakfast called Under the Rainbow. I am excited to learn more about the queer community in the Peach State. 

Below is a snippet of our interview with Warren and images of the two current ad campaigns being run by AFFA.

water fountains

so gay


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2 Responses to Acceptance Without Exception

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the ads- thanks for posting them! ahhhh acceptance is the answer, right? Thanks for updating so frequently, I am checking each day to learn what amazing and new things you are seeing and hearing. I’m so glad to see you guys are finding and taking time in beautiful spaces, hope there’s enough peaceful, quiet moments to reenergize.
    with so much pride and respect,

  2. Trevor Ivey says:

    I saw two of these signs while driving from Charleston back to Columbia long I26. Thought it was great!

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