The Queen City

Day 11

Today was an exciting day in North Carolina. We had an interview set up at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Charlotte, the Queen City. We met with Shane Windmeyer, the Executive Director of Campus Pride; Matt Comer, the editor of QNotes; and Denise Palm-Beck, the Board Chair of the community center. Thanks to Shane for setting up this event for us!

It was great to talk with Shane about his travels. He speaks at colleges all over the country and shared with us some of his experiences. He does great work at Campus Pride and is a true leader in the community. I’d like everyone to take a second and vote for Shane (Buff Faye) on the Rupaul Drag Race Online Contest to get Campus Pride on RuPaul’s Drag Race! 

We talked with Matt about what it was like growing up gay in a religious family in North Carolina. He is a super courageous guy who speaks his mind and tells it like it is in his Editor’s Notes section of QNotes. After we interviewed Matt he turned his camera on us and conducted an interview for the newspaper. We’ll post a link to the article when it comes out. 

Thanks to Denise for opening up the LGBT center for us to use today and for being an incredible straight ally. She shared with us some of her experiences as an ally and what it is like to be a supporter of equality in North Carolina.


Below is “behind-the-scenes” footage of our interview with Shane and a few pictures.







One Response to The Queen City

  1. Chris & Potter.. it was so wonderful to meet you and spend time with you! I hope you are traveling safe, keeping healthy … and hope those Rainbow Cookies were delicious!

    I know our roads will cross again soon — Go the speed limit, Chris!

    Lead with Pride,

    Shane Windmeyer
    Campus Pride

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