Driving Equality Project Update

This is a quick overview of the The Driving Equality Project:

Days on the Road: 107 (May 10, 2009 – August 28, 2009)

Miles Driven: 22,342

States Reached: 48 (Will Alaska and Hawaii will be next?!)

Hours of Footage: 102

Interviews Conducted: 84 (Including LGBTQ activists, allies, opponents, politicians, police, and people on the street)

Conversations About Equality: 500+

New Friends Made: Countless!

Part One of The Driving Equality Project was a huge success. We reached, and then surpassed our goals on every account. The conversations we had and interviews we conducted in almost every part of the country have given me a much greater understanding of the daily lives of LGBTQ people in America and the work that needs to be done to ensure full equality for all.

Now on to Part Two: Sharing these stories with you in a documentary film!

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