Niagara Falls

Day 105

My trip is almost over. I drove to Buffalo, New York last night, and then decided to cross the border in Canada. The Canadian border guard asked me what I was doing with the film equipment. I told him that I was making a documentary about gay rights in the United States. He asked, “for or against?”

I told him, “for.” He smiled approvingly, but sent me to have the van search in “secondary.” Readers of this blog will know that this is the sixth time the van has been searched. I have made it very clear that I strongly oppose illegal searches of my vehicle. I should also note that I am more than happy to comply with legal searches, such as this one at the national border. During the search of the van, I had to go in and speak with a woman from Customs. She asked what I was doing. I told her that I am driving around the US making a documentary about gay rights. She replied, “You know it’s legal here!”

Realizing that she was referring to same-sex marriage, I responded with my typical, “yah! That’s awesome!. She was excited and proud of her country. It was awesome.

I hung out in Niagara Falls today and performed my duties as a tourist to the best of my ability. This place is pretty incredible.


One Response to Niagara Falls

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous. I cannot wait for my opportunity to travel!

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