South Dakota

Day 93

I have been on the road for three months. I left Massachusetts on May 10th and have traveled over 18,000 miles. It is a huge country.

In South Dakota I stopped at the Black Hill Center for Equality in Rapid City. There I sat down with Ron, Jay, and Rusty to discuss what it is like to be gay in South Dakota. This state does not have any legal protections for LGBT people. There is a lot of work to do here. Yet, the community is strong and even had a four-day pride celebration this year.

It was also interesting to find out that two of the folks I interviewed knew Matthew Shepard. He used to come from Laramie to the LGBT group in Rapid City because they had 18+ dance nights. Ron and Rusty both remember Matt as a really nice guy and were both devastated when he was killed.

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