Day Number 87

Day 87

This is my last day in Yellowstone National Park. I went on a 6 mile hike through some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. I saw deer and buffalo grazing about. I was sure to wear my bear bell, as I didn’t want to surprise a grizzly on the path.

Today is day number 87. In the original Driving Equality itinerary, today would be the day I made it back home. For the first year of planning, I was expecting to be home on August 4th. A few months before I hit the road however, I extended the trip to 107 days in order to cover more ground and talk to more folks. As I sit here in Wyoming, twenty days from my homecoming, I wonder how I could have done this is such a short amount of time. Even as it is, I am only in most states for a day or two before moving on. I’m glad I extended the trip. This 107 day plan had me leaving two days after my last final at Tufts and has me returning home one week before starting classes for the fall semester. It’s a tight squeeze, but it’s well worth it to cover more ground.

On day 76 I told you that we crossed the Puget Sound on an automobile ferry. Check out the little video I put together of our crossing.



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