Big Sky

Day 82

I spent the night in Spokane, Washington. This morning I drove through northern Idaho and into Montana. I’m going to check out Glacier National Park before doing interviews in Montana and southern Idaho. This sure is big sky country. It is nice to be back in the West. I’m dusting off my cowboy hat.

Check out this incredible monument near Quincy, Washington. There are all these horses high up on a hill. I’m not sure what it is though. Anybody know?




2 Responses to Big Sky

  1. Michelle says:

    Fun to see some of the random sights you pass on your journey!

  2. Tracy says:

    Chris, The horses are from the indian culture, there was supposed to be a basket that the horses were Jumping in to. Significant of some indian heritage…. Not sure why it wasn’t completed? Thank you for the interview, my face book people are enjoying seeing it.

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