Mount Saint Helens

Day 73

We are in Mount Rainier National Park for the night. On the way here we checked out Mount Saint Helens. I’ve always wanted to see this volcano. It is amazing that you can still see the destruction caused by the eruption nearly 30 years ago. There are dead trees still lying in the path of the blast. The lake next to the volcano is also filled with dead trees. I never expected to see such remanence of the eruption. The mountain itself is beautiful. We could see the huge crater on the side of the mountain that was blown off.

I am very sick today. Whatever illness I have has come back with full force. I thought I was feeling better, but today was pretty rough. I am nauseous, tired, achey, and generally sick. I hope I don’t have swine flu.

Check out photos of Mount Saint Helens here.



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