Day 71

I met up with my friend, Mike Blake, and am staying at his place while in Portland. Mike and I have been friends since Middle School and Mike, Potter, and I all went to Lunenburg High School together. Mike is actually the very first person to know that I am gay. He was the first person I came out to. We were 14 years old. It was at a Halloween Party on October 26th, 1996. (You can read my coming out story here.) Mike’s total acceptance and love gave me the courage to come out to my other friends and my parents just a few months later.

Mike lives in a treehouse here in Portland. I’m going to make a video tour of the treehouse before I go. He is an incredible chef. The best food I have ever tasted has been created by Mike Blake. He is having a BBQ today and brought a live eel home from the market. He gave it a nice big tub to live in until it was time to cook. Here is a video of Mike carving up the live eel. Seriously, the guys an amazing chef.

One Response to BBQ

  1. Dad says:

    OK….. can I just have a pizza!

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