Day 64

I left Yosemite this morning and made my way to San Francisco. I’m staying with my Uncle Dan and Aunt Michele. They are both incredible people. I don’t often stop and think about how lucky I am to have the family that I do…but it is true. I am truly grateful to have such an accepting, caring, kind, and cool family.

It feels great to be back in San Francisco. I love this place. It is definitely one of my favorite cities. The culture, atmosphere, and landscape all come together to create the perfect place. I hung out in the Castro tonight and caught up with my friend David. It’s exciting to be in the place where Harvey Milk was fighting the fight. It feels like home to me.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We’ve got some great interviews lined up. I feel good and am ready to go!


One Response to Castro

  1. Karen Mason says:

    Hi Chris, Say hi to Dan and Michele for me.
    Thinking of Harvey Milk!!! Love MOM

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