Honorable Discharge

Day 46

We are leaving Las Vegas today. But before we do, we were able to interview my Uncle Rich. He is a Vietnam veteran and was kicked out of the military for being gay, after serving his country for 15 years. After the military, he worked for the government as a civil servant for 10 years, until he was again fired for being gay. He is 60 years old and should be living off his pension, but because he was booted from the service, he doesn’t receive the benefits he deserves and has to keep working to pay the bills. However, he told us that if he had the choice between receiving the full benefits that he deserves or being handed a piece of paper that changes his military discharge to “Honorable”, he would take the “Honorable Discharge.”

The ban on gays in the military is a disgrace. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should be booted and common sense and respect needs to take its place. Contact President Obama today and tell him to end the ban on gays in the military. My uncle is owed his benefits and an Honorable Discharge, but he may never see them. Let’s make sure what happened to him doesn’t happen to our young men and women who are serving our country today.

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(This was taken with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ blog camera and is not the actual footage for the documentary.) 

2 Responses to Honorable Discharge

  1. Karen Mason says:

    Chris wonderful interview with Richard. I love listening to your interviews. I can’t wait for the documentary. Best of of luck to you and Potter. MOM

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