Day 44

We woke up in Zion National Park and hiked a bit before hitting the road and heading toward Las Vegas. We are staying the night with my gay uncle Rich and his partner of 24 years, Jack. They took us out to dinner at the biggest buffet I have ever seen. Holy food! Tonight I’m working on improving the website and Potter is setting up future interviews. We will be meeting with a pastor from the local Las Vegas Metropolitan Community Church.

I’m glad to be in Las Vegas and excited to see the strip. I’m thinking about gambling all of the Driving Equality donations and doubling our funds…just kidding. But we can definitely use more funds, so if you make a contribution, I promise I won’t gamble it away. You can check out my pictures of Zion National Park here


One Response to Vegas!

  1. Karen Mason says:

    Chris, I’m so glad you got to see Richard. He was waiting for you guys since you left.
    Call when you have a chance. Love you both, Take care!!!

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