Day 42

We happen to be at Bryce Canyon National Park during the annual Astronomy Festival. Bryce Canyon boasts the best star viewing in the country because of the remote location, elevation, and lack of light. We took classes lead by Rangers on how to read the night sky, how to use a planetshere, and Native American star stories. It was awesome. 

After the free workshops, we joined professional astronomers for the best stargazing experience of my life. From 10:00pm to midnight, we roamed from telescope to telescope, looking at stars, galaxies, supernovas, and other amazing far away wonders. There were about 20 telescopes for us to look through. The operators told us what we were looking at and how cool it was. Some of the telescopes were huge, taller than me. We also got a Ranger-led tour of the constellations. I learned so much about the night sky in the past two days, it is incredible!

Bryce Canyon is also an amazing sight during the day. The rock formations, or Hoodoos, are remarkable. I can’t even explain them. Take a look at some of the pictures.


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