Elevation Nation

Day 33

We slept just outside of Taos last night, in Carson Nation Forest. We set up camp right next to a babbling brook. It was so peaceful, but really cold. Waking up today, we headed into Taos and were able to explore the town a little more. It’s a great place. We found some internet and were able to work on setting up some upcoming interviews. We’ve lined up some exciting people to talk to in the next few states!

We left Taos in the afternoon and headed into Colorado. Going over the mountains was quite a trip. The peaks are incredible. What a sight! The elevation is intense though. Taos is located at 7,000 feet, but climbing the mountains into Colorado we hit 9,000 feet. I’ve been kind of sick since El Paso and I think the elevation has something to do with it. It is nice tonight to be in Colorado Springs at 6,000 feet and I’m looking forward to getting down to Denver tomorrow at 5,280 feet. The Mile-High City will be a nice break from the elevation we’ve been experiencing the past few days. 


One Response to Elevation Nation

  1. Debbie says:

    Yeah, when I was in Taos and Santa Fe, I was very light-headed and loopy the whole time, worse in Taos… even almost had a car accident. I heard it takes a couple weeks to adjust to the elevation. Love love NM, though.
    Great blogging, Chris- I’m enjoying reading everything!

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