Day 28

We spent the night in El Paso, Texas. I like this city. I dropped Potter off at the bus station this morning. He is going up ahead to Santa Fe to visit his friend. I’ll meet him there in a couple days. After dropping him off, I was driving through El Paso when I came upon the border to Mexico. I drove along the border for a while. It was too tempting, I had to cross. 

I crossed the border into Mexico and drove around for about 20 minutes. The most striking thing was the police and military presence. There were soldiers in trucks with machine guns and police in the streets with their weapons drawn. It was also interesting to see crowded streets without the corporate signs and logos. I want to go back and explore Mexico more. 

Getting back into the United States was no problem. In fact, it was easier for me to enter Texas from Mexico than it was to enter Texas from New Mexico. Upon entering Texas from New Mexico I had to show my ID, proof of insurance, get out of the van, was questioned by police, and had the van illegally searched by a drug dog. When I entered Texas from Mexico, I showed my passport, the officer quickly looked in the back of the van, and I was off. Crazy. 





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