Day 25

We started the day in Wichita, Kansas. We slept in the van at the local IHOP. Kansas was grey and cold. I do love the Kansas highway signs though. The sunflowers are so cute.

We left Kansas and headed into Oklahoma. The prairies are beautiful. We got some great footage of this state. All the folks we talked to were really nice. On our way through Oklahoma we stumbled upon the Shattuck Windmill Museum. This is the great thing about taking back roads across the country rather than the main highways. There is so much to see out here! This windmill museum was really just a couple of acres of land with 51 different kind of old windmills on it, but it was an amazing sight. Check out the pictures and the video.

After Oklahoma, we headed to Lake Meredith in Fritch, Texas. We camped the night there. We were perched on a cliff above the lake. It was an incredible sight. I collected some wood and we built a campfire. Potter and I took turns playing the guitar and harmonica. But the place was infested with spiders. They were everywhere! We slept in the van to be safe.




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