Get in the CAR!

Day 20

We woke up today in Hot Springs, Arkansas, boyhood home of President Bill Clinton. This is a cute little town with a really cool National Park for the natural hot springs and old bathhouses. We had breakfast and headed up to Little Rock for an interview with the Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR). CAR is an amazing organization doing incredible work in Arkansas. These folks make the connections between all oppressed people and work for justice for all. 

“CAR’s work is creating progressive movement building that facilitates opportunities for individuals and communities to create change for a just and peaceful society that respects the value of all people and provides equitable access to civil rights, a democratic process and economical and environmental justice.”

We spoke with Randi Romo, the current Director and Co-founder of CAR. She shared with us some of the hardships facing LGBTQ people in Arkansas. She does a lot of work highlighting the interconnectiveness of racism, sexism, and homophobia. I admire her work and the organization’s goals. 

We also interviewed Joseph LaFountaine from the Arkansas Stonewall Democrats. We spoke about the state’s battle with Act 1 that passed last November. Act 1 made it illegal for any single people (i.e. same-sex couples) to adopt children. This is a horrible law that must be repealed. 

I was pretty excited and impressed by CAR’s mission and the work they do. Special thanks to Ryan Olson for helping us out today, for the work he does at CAR, and just for being super cute. 

I have a clip of our interview with Randi to share with you. Hopefully I will get some reliable internet access soon so I can upload it to the Driving Equality YouTube channel.    …and done…

Get in the CAR

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