Zee Van, Zee Van!

Day 9

Today we left Cherokee, NC and headed toward our next interview in Johnson City, Tennessee. We found a great campground about 20 minutes from the city. It is a beautiful National Forest with tall trees, a rushing river, and a great big fire pit. We were able to clean out the van and reorganize all of our equipment. We fixed the tents that took a beating on the mountain and dried out our sleeping bags. Everything is finding its place in the van. We actually have room to sit down in the back now. I have been going through everything we brought and making a pile to donate to Goodwill. It is funny the things you think you need, but end up just taking up space. The van is really starting to come together and feeling like home!

Check out this picture I took of a road sign on the way to our camp in Tennessee. We were headed into the future!


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