Day 6

We spent the night in the van about an hour outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Waking up, we drove into the city and found a shower. Then we headed over to the office of the Fairness Campaign of Louisville, KY. We had a great discussion with the leaders of the LGBTQ movement in Kentucky. Thanks to Chris, Kyle, Phoenix, Travis, and Michael for a great conversation. We learned, as Kyle quoted Mark Twain for us, “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else.”

Fairness Kentucky is the statewide organization working to obtain the rights of LGBTQ folks. They have bee

n pushing for a statewide “fairness” law that would protect LGBTQ people from workplace discrimination. There are a few cities, including Louisville, that do have laws on the books that protect queer folks.Fairness is the term used to describe employment and housing non-discrimination legislation. It is all about fairness. They’ve done a great job at branding the term and making the case for Fairness in Kentucky.

Kentucky was one of the states that passed an anti-gay marriage amendment in 2004. The amendment passed with 75% of the vote. However, there is progress being made. Every year they file the fairness bill, it gains more sponsors. They hope to pass the bill within 5 to 7 years. 

It was great to spend the day in Louisville, as it has a long history of civil rights activism. It was a great city and I’d love to go back.


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