Introducing the New Team Member

n1259206240_1834533_8729Hi folks! I’m happy to announce that my good friend, Chris DeBella, has joined the Driving Equality team and will be making the 100-day trip across the country with me. Now it will be Chris and Chris on a journey through the US, collecting stories from LGBTQ folks along the way.

Chris D. brings a lot of talent to the project. He is an amazing artist and has an eye for beauty that will bring this documentary film to life. Chris’ art has taken many directions in the past. Whether he is drawing, painting, photographing, or now filming, he injects a style and method into his work that is as refreshing as it is breathtaking.

Chris is also a connoisseur of coffee. He started working for the famous, local, independent café in Davis Square, Diesel, four years ago. Since then, he has taken a leadership role in the earth-friendly, queer-friendly, people-friendly company. Chris is now a manager at Diesel’s new sister store in Union Square, Bloc 11.

Chris has a long history of LGBTQ activism under his belt as well. He kicked down the closet door before his closet was even built, coming out at age 13. He was a foot soldier during the heated battle to protect same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, leading teams of activists throughout the state to knock on doors for equal rights. He was featured in the award-winning film, Saving Marriage, for his work on equal marriage rights. Chris has also been involved in the campaigns of many pro-equality candidates running for office.

When he is not slinging coffee, making art, or fighting for equal rights, Chris can be found zipping through the city on his green and yellow single-speed bike. I’m thrilled that he is coming on the trip and honored to be working with him on the documentary.

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