Thank you for pledging to the Phelps-A-Thon!

If you’d like to fulfill your pledge now, you can do so online here.

Fred Phelps and his clan travel all across the United States spreading their message of hate. Driving Equality will also be traveling across the country, but our mission is to spread equality for LGBT people. 

During the summer of 2009, we will be going on an 100-day, 16,000-mile road-trip, through all lower 48 states, to advance LGBT equality. Check out the About page to find out more about the project.

Explore the website! Find out more about me, take a look at my route, learn about the trip’s net-zero environmental impact, and consider donating or becoming a sponsor. When the trip starts, I will be updating the site on a daily basis with blog posts, photos, and videos.

If you are interested in learning more, or being a part of the project, send me an email at

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