If you are experiencing problems making an online donation, follow the suggestions below, or mail a check to:

Christopher Mason
c/o Driving Equality
27 Marney Street #3
Cambridge, MA 02141

I spoke to PayPal about the problem and they suggested this fix.

If you are experiencing problems with the PayPal links, it is likely that is cookie problem. The easiest way to clear cookies is to remove them from your computer rather than the web browser. You may suggest having your donors clear their cookies and cache.

“Cache” is the local storage where copies of the images and Web pages are stored on your computer’s hard disk. The next time you want to view an image or visit a Web page, your browser can easily access it without downloading the information again. However, this cache can get “full”
and can often cause pages to either load slowly or not load at all.

Cookies are small text files (usually less than 1K in size) that websites send to your computer’s hard drive to identify you when you return. Think of them as your ID (identification) badge. Cookies are
harmless and cannot affect the performance of your computer.

Without the cookie file, websites you frequent, like, will treat you as a new user each time you return.

Follow these simple steps to clear your cookies:

1. Open your Internet Explorer browser by clicking on the blue “e.”

2. Click “Tools” located at the top of the browser and select
“Internet Options.”

3. Click “Delete Cookies”.

4. Click “OK” and “OK” again.

5. Restart your browser.

These steps should work for most Browsers types.

For IE 7, XP, and Vista users:

1. Open your Internet Explorer browser.

2. Click “Tools” located at the top of the browser and select
“Internet Options.”

3. Under Browsing history, click the “Settings” button.

4. Click the “View files” button.

5. Click “Edit” at the top of the browser and then “Select All.”

6. Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

7. Click “Yes” if you are prompted with “Are you sure you want to
delete the selected Cookies?”

8. Restart your browser.

To clear cookies for Macintosh using Internet Explorer, follow the steps

1. Click “Explorer” or “Edit” at the top of the screen.

2. Click “Preferences.”

3. Under Web Browser preferences, click “ADVANCED.”

4. Click “Empty Now” on the right.

5. Click “OK”.

6. Restart your browser.

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