I hope you enjoyed watching the inauguration of President Obama knowing that every second Rick Warren stood at the podium, he was raising money for LGBT equality. The Rick-A-Thon was a huge success thanks to people like you who made a pledge to turn Rick Warren’s anti-equality stance into positive change for LGBT people.

Rick Warren spoke for 4 minutes and 43 seconds (283 seconds), raising over $4,000 to fight for LGBT equal rights.  You can fulfill your flat rate pledge of $75, or make an additional contribution to help secure equal rights, by donating online here, or by mailing a check to the address below. We will be sending a thank you card to Rick Warren, telling him how much money he raised for LGBT equality. 

You can fulfill your pledge online here, or mail a check to:
Christopher Mason
C/O Driving Equality
27 Marney St. #3
Cambridge, MA 02141

All donations go to advancing LGBT equality via Driving Equality, a trek across America through all lower 48 states to raise awareness of discrimination faced by LGBT people.

Thanks again!

Chris Mason
Driving Equality Across America


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