When the idea for Driving Equality arose, I was immediately concerned about the environmental impact of the project. Driving 16,000 miles can certainly have a negative ecological effect. As an advocate for environmental justice, I have found a way to make Driving Equality have a net-zero impact on global warming!

I will start by reducing the trip’s carbon footprint. Ensuring my car is in fit condition will increase gas mileage and efficiency, while also drastically reducing the carbon output.

The next step is becoming actively involved with environmental organizations along my route. I will enthusiastically volunteer with groups throughout the country, assisting in river clean-ups, planting trees, and any other way to raise awareness of environmental issues. 

Finally, I will be purchasing carbon offsets for the entire length of the trip. While this is an important component, I believe my steps in reducing carbon emissions and teaching social awareness is where the difference is best made. 

Steps to reducing carbon footprint:

  1. Tune-up car / new air filter / new tires
  2. Turning off the air conditioner
  3. Dynamic ridesharing
  4. Solar panel to charge equipment
  5. Camping

Additional offsetting measures:

  1. Volunteering with environmental groups in states across the country
  2. Buying carbon offsets

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