Driving Equality would not have been possible without your support. Going on the road for 107 days, through all lower 48 states, covering 22,000 miles, and talking to hundreds of people certainly took a lot of energy, determination, and commitment.

From transportation costs, to campground lodging, from necessary equipment, to miscellaneous expenses, Driving Equality was an elaborate undertaking. A project of this scope could not have been done with the sole investment of the participant. It is not possible without the financial support from donors like you.

As we move from Part One: the driving part of The Driving Equality Project into Part Two: the editing of the film; we are in need of funds to hire a talented editor who can work closely with us to bring the film to life.

If you would like to contribute online using a credit card, please do so here.

Contributions can also be mailed to:

Driving Equality
PO Box 380365
Cambridge, MA 02238

Thank you very much.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Becoming a Sponsor is a great way to help out. Just click on one of the buttons below and it will bring you to a secure donation page. Sponsors will have their names or companies listed on the website under the Sponsors tab, and be thanked in the end credits of the finished film.

International Sponsor $1000+


National Sponsor: $500

Regional Sponsor: $250

State Sponsor: $100

February Fundraising Drive

We need your help to finish the film! The time, talent, and technology needed to complete The Driving Equality Project isn’t free. We are making a push to raise $5000 in one month, by the end of February. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.  Make a donation or become a Sponsor today and have your name or company listed on the website and in the end credits of the film.

Fundraising Update: Day 32 – 2/28/2011


We raised $410 today, bringing out total to $5135! These funds will allow us to edit the film and will soon lead to a documentary capturing a snapshot of LGBTQ America. Sharing our personal stories is the way we will win equality. You’ve helped to make that happen.

Fundraising Update: Day 31 – 2/27/2011

Today we raised $60, bringing the new total to $4725. We have $275 left to raise but only ONE day to raise it!

Fundraising Update: Day 30 – 2/26/2011

We raised $100 today, bringing the new total to $4665. We have just $335 to raise but only two day to raise it!

Fundraising Update: Day 29 – 2/25/2011

Today we raised $340 and added Tom Lang to our list of State Sponsors. This brings our total up to $4565. We only have $435 left to raise…but only three days left to raise it! If you’ve been thinking about donating, now is the time to do it.

Fundraising Update: Day 28 – 2/24/2011

We raised $230 today, which makes out new total $4225. We have four days left to raise $775. So close!!

Fundraising Update: Day 27 – 2/23/2011

Today we raised $25, bringing our total up to $3,995. We have just five days left to raise $1,005.

If you make a contribution, I will send you one of these super cute Harvey Milk buttons that I designed.

Fundraising Update: Day 26 – 2/22/2011

We raised $100 today and added Martha Webster to our list of State Sponsors. Our new today is $3,970.

Fundraising Update: Day 25 – 2/21/2011

Today we raised $225 and added two new State Sponsors. We also reached our $1000 goal on! This brings out total up to $3,870! We are so close. With one week left to go, we have $1,130 left to raise. Can we do it?! Yes we can!

Fundraising Update: Day 24 – 2/20/2011

Today we raised $25, bringing out total up to $2,645. We have eight days left to raise $2,355.

Fundraising Update: Day 23 – 2/19/2011

We raised $25o today, bringing out total up to $2,620! We have now broken the halfway mark! The countdown is on as we have nine days left to reach $5000.

Fundraising Update: Day 22 – 2/18/2011

Today we raised $50, bringing the new total up to $2,370. We’ve got ten days left to raise $2,630!

Fundraising Update: Day 21 – 2/17/2011

Nothing to report today.

Fundraising Update: Day 20 – 2/16/2011

We raised $320 today and added Melissa Castor to our list of Regional Sponsors! Our new total is $2320.

Fundraising Update: Day 19 – 2/15/2011

Today we raised $75, bringing the total up to $2050! With 13 days to go, we are almost halfway there!

Fundraising Update: Day 18 – 2/14/2011

We raised $100 today. Our new total is $1,975. Thank you to Bryan Horgan for becoming a State Sponsor!

Today is Valentine’s Day and we’ve got something special for you. Driving Equality is teaming up with emerging, young, openly-gay musician, Jamie Treadwell to offer you an incredible gift this Valentine’s Day.

Jamie is releasing a new album and, for the month of February, ALL of the proceeds are going to benefit Driving Equality. You can chose your own price for the record, from $5 to $500, whatever you feel comfortable contributing.

Click here to download this amazing new album.

Jamie’s electrifying vocals, driving beat, high energy piano rock, unforgettable pop melodies, and uncompromising lyrical honesty will grasp your heart and rock your world.

This is your chance to support the arts; donate to Driving Equality and receive intriguing, honest, emotive pop music from an openly-gay musician in return!

Fundraising Update: Day 17 – 2/13/2011

Today we raised $65, bringing our total to $1,875. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Driving Equality has a special present for you!

Fundraising Update: Day 16 – 2/12/2011

We didn’t raise any funds today, but we’ve got a special announcement for you on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

Fundraising Update: Day 15 – 2/11/2011

Today we raised $50, bringing the total up to $1810! We also released a video Chris created of the recent Let the People Marry rally at the Rhode Island State House. Watch it here.

Fundraising Update: Day 14 – 2/10/2011

We raised $40 today, bringing the total up to $1760.

Fundraising Update: Day 13 – 2/9/2011

Today we released The Driving Equality Song music video. It is awesome! This is an original song written for The Driving Equality Project by Andy Webster. Check it out here.

Watch the Driving Equality Song video:

Fundraising Update: Day 12 – 2/8/2011

We raised $550 today, bringing our total to $1720. We added two new State Sponsors; Graham Bengen and Steve Swanberg. We bumped  Jennifer Gentzyel up to Regional Sponsor with her additional contribution of $150, and we are giving special shout-outs to Dean Lampros and Marc Solomon, both National Sponsors, for donating an addition $100 each. Thank you! You are making this possible!

Fundraising Update: Day 11 – 2/7/2011

Today we raised $560, bringing our total to $1170. We added three new State Sponsors; Bob Bernache, P&S Tours Inc., and Jane and Keith Wishon. We also picked up a Regional Sponsor; Kent Hankins. Thank you to all!

Fundraising Update: Day 10 – 2/6/2011

We didn’t raise any money today, but we did release this clip of Sam Brinton sharing his experience of being forced through “ex-gay” aversion therapy. Check it out here.

Fundraising Update: Day 9 – 2/5/2011

We are now up to $610, as Anthony Parello became a State Sponsor! Join him, and others, in supporting the film and see your name up on the big screen.

Fundraising Update: Day 8 – 2/4/2011

We didn’t raise any money today, but we did receive a few shout-outs on Facebook. Thanks friends! That’s a great way to help!

Fundraising Update: Day 7 – 2/3/2011

Today we raised $140 and Priscilla Lee became a State Sponsors! Our total is now up to $510. We are on our way! We have 25 days left to raise $4,490. We can do it with your help.

Fundraising Update: Day 6 – 2/2/2011

We raised $45 today, bringing our total up to $370. We also joined, a crowdsourcing fundraising site. The deal with Kickstarter is that we need to raise $1000 through them in 30 days to receive ANY funds. Please visit the site and share the link.

Fundraising Update: Day 5 – 2/1/2011

Today we raised $140, bringing our total up to $325! We also released The Driving Equality Preview video. Check it out here.

Fundraising Update: Day 4 – 1/31/2011

Didn’t raise any money today, but did finish editing The Driving Equality Project Preview. It will be released tomorrow.

Fundraising Update: Day 3 – 1/30/2011

Today we are looking into grants for independent filmmakers. Contact us with any idea you have.

Fundraising Update: Day 2 – 1/29/2011

Today we raised $185 and added Peggy Mitchell to the State Sponsors!

Fundraising Update: Day 1 – 1/ 28, 2011

Today we sent out an email to our supporters asking for donations in order to complete the film.

Watch the Driving Equality film preview:

Or watch the two minute teaser:

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